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I want to inspire, and be inspired

My name is Nathalie de Ridder and I live in Noordwijkerhout. I am currently a fourth-year student in Leisure & Events Management at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Diemen. My passion is to organize events or to contribute to events. I find it interesting to constantly learn new things and to use my creativity. My ambition is to work for an event organization that organizes high-quality events, known to a wide audience in the Netherlands.

From the first moment I heard about the EURO 2020 Academy, I was enthusiastic. I think that sport can make a nice contribution to the connection between various people and cultures. That is why I find it interesting that EURO 2020 will work together with an inclusive group of various volunteers. During my training I have done volunteer work at various types of events to expand my knowledge and network. I have always found these experiences this as super fun and interesting because you gain a lot of knowledge and you meet special people.

That is why I will be conducting a design-oriented graduation research project for the EURO 2020 Academy for the volunteers of EURO 2020 in the next five months. I will eventually provide a design for a training and reward system for these volunteers. Since I will be talking to various populations, I hope to get a lot of inspiration from this and to respond appropriately to the wishes and needs of both the volunteer and the client. I am very excited and motivated to get started with my research and I hope for a good result.