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Jeffrey Vis

My name is Jeffrey Vis, I am 22 years old and live in Amsterdam. I am also a third-year student of Commercial Economics Sports Marketing at the University of Amsterdam.

During my childhood I was mainly busy with sports and work. During that time, I practiced tennis, football and indoor football and I also came across many other sports within the sports profile at high school. I was also socially involved with the village. For example, I have been a volunteer for many years at a running event called the Hemmeromloop and I was a board member at a club which organizes activities for young people between 13 and 16 years old. During this time, I also followed a course as a branch manager, where I learned a lot about logistics, marketing and management.

Sitting still is not for me. I like working, sports and events. I can really express my passion in these areas. I only do things based on passion, which is why I have chosen EURO 2020: doing things that I enjoy while developing myself and helping others is what I love.

My goal at EURO 2020 is to combine my passion for sport and work with my logistics and marketing training through event and project management. I will do this by recruiting 1,200 volunteers for the fan zones in the city of Amsterdam during the European Championship for EURO 2020. The 1,200 volunteers must be a reflection of the inhabitants of the city.

In addition to all the instructive, responsible and challenging things that I am going to do at EURO 2020, I think it is very important to have fun during my internship and to engage other people in the event.