Euro 2020 Euro 2020

No bridge too far

What do we do?

We all study commercial economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. We are now in the second year and have opted for the sports marketing specialization.


Who are we?

Alex: My name is Alex van Welij. I am 19 years old and live in Purmerend.

Yasar: My name is Yasar and I am 23 years old. I live in Haarlem.

Larissa: I am Larissa, 20 years old and living in Almere.

Nalini: My name is Nalini Koesal, I am 20 years old and living in Amsterdam.

Bowien: Hi there! I am Bowien, 20 years old and a little while ago I moved back to my hometown Alkmaar.


EURO 2020

We conducted market research for EURO 2020 in Amsterdam West. For this, we conducted surveys and interviewed the police. We have done this to be able to advise how the Fan Zone should be set up during the tournament so that all inhabitants of Amsterdam feel involved.


What moves us?

Alex: I’ve always been interested in sports. I follow almost every sport closely and I am also interested in sports brands and what is important for a sports brand. I hope to be able to work at Nike one day just like my father.

Yasar: I’ve been playing baseball since I was 3 years old. 17thBetween the ages of 12 and 17 I also played football. Currently I play for of Sparks Haarlem Heren 1. I started studying sports marketing because I love sports. In the future I would like to see myself at a football club working to acquire sponsors or possibly in tournament organizations with the goal of the Olympic Games.

Bowien: I work out in the gym about three or four days a week. In addition, I have played tennis since I was five and have played in selection teams for years. I live about five minutes away from the most beautiful stadium and from my favorite club AZ Alkmaar. Therefore I can be found there every weekend as (as everyone calls me) a “hooligan”. I would like nothing more than to work at a football club and to be associated with the fans (and, preferably of course, at my own club). I hope to achieve this with the education I am currently following.

Larissa: I played tennis from the age of five to eight when I lived in France. When I returned to the Netherlands I started playing football. At the age of 16 I played at FC Utrecht. Unfortunately, due to a serious knee injury, I can no longer play football. In 2017 I was a volunteer during WEURO2017, and here I discovered that I wanted to work in such an environment in the future. Because I always want to stay active in sports, I chose to study sports marketing.

Nalini: My affinity with sport started at a young age. I was always the only girl on the soccer field surrounded by friends of my brother and the boys from the street. I chose this education because I have a great passion for sports and would like to work in women’s football in the future.