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Our EURO 2020 story

We are students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The education that we enjoy following is Sports Marketing. Sport is what we all like to follow and do. Several football clubs are supported within the group, which leads to great rivalry. However, more important than rivalry is the cooperation within the group. We believe that working together should be the core value of team sports. Together we interviewed the inhabitants of Amsterdam West for ten weeks about their thoughts on the European Football Championship in 2020 and more specifically the Fan Zone that comes along with it. This was a very interesting assignment and we of course found it very cool to work for this client. We are therefore convinced that we have prepared a good research report.

In terms of ambitions, we agree on one thing: the sky is the limit. This shared ambition also includes the quality that we always want to be the best, something that naturally fits well within the world of sports. We cannot wait to get started after conpleting our education. We also hope to find good internships in the world of sports to get into that atmosphere even more.

In addition to these two qualities, we also value loyalty. By loyalty, we also mean being loyal to the agreements we make as a group. Examples of this are achieving deadlines, but also having mutual respect for each other. These qualities are also integral to the sports world, since within teams everyone must also adhere to certain agreements. We have worked with great enthusiasm on this assignment for this great tournament and cannot wait until the summer of 2020! On the photo from left to right: Berkan Köse, Lesley Turpijn, Tim Visser, Alexander Heuvelman and Pepijn Hubbelmeijer.