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Team Amsterdam

We are Charlotte van Liebergen (21), Thijs de Jong (23), Jeroen Modder (20), Lisa Pancras (21) (unfortunately missing in the photo) and Lotte Naberman (21) and we are the inventors of the Team Amsterdam concept. All five of us study HBO Communication at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Our passions lie in creating goal-oriented concepts for various assignments and clients, including EURO 2020. We are a team that can work well together, are creative and are happy to engage in discussions with the target group to make our concepts really useful. For the EURO 2020 event we started to develop a creative concept to recruit at least 1,000 volunteers. These volunteers will be a reflection of the city of Amsterdam. Our ambition is to achieve the goal of EURO 2020, to reach 1,000 volunteers. We also hope to obtain a diploma from the Communication course after this assignment and our thesis. We are very pleased that we have been giving the opportunity to contribute to this international event.