Euro 2020 Euro 2020

Team Inholland

We are Iris Sánchez Rivas (19), Evy Cratsborn (20), Chanella Hodzic (19) and Max Morera (19), and we are the creative developers for the promotional video of A Bunch of Choices for EURO 2020, with Amsterdam being one of the twelve Host Cities. We are all studying Creative Business at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in the beautiful city of The Hague. During this study we are constantly developing creative solutions, also for EURO2020.

For this project we started to investigate the needs of the target group of students in the field of volunteering: how to trigger them to become a volunteer during EURO 2020. We have written a script for this and have also produced a qualitative promotional video. We are very grateful for this opportunity. With our knowledge and passion for creative business, we hope to be able to contribute in this way by recruiting 1,200 volunteers for EURO 2020.

Player Biography:

  • Hogeschool Inholland The Hague
  • Grade 1
  • Creative Business


  • Creativity
  • Solution oriented
  • Real team players