Euro 2020 Euro 2020

Team The Hague

Hello, we are Ferry Abid (20), Nicky Autar (20) and Gregory Haynes (24), the team behind the promotion of the event. We study Creative Business at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

EURO 2020 is getting closer each day and because of this we have started working hard to create a promotional video. We hope this video helps to recruit volunteers for the event. EURO 2020 will last 30 days and A Bunch of Choices needs 1,200 volunteers for the event. Amsterdam is an international city. The challenge is to find out what exactly is needed to recruit these volunteers. In the promotional video we would like to spread the message that our volunteers are not only for EURO 2020, but especially for the city of Amsterdam itself. Team spirit is central here.

Player Biography:

  • Hogeschool Inholland The Hague
  • Grade 1
  • Creative Business


  • Nuanced
  • Specific
  • Creative